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Hi. I'm ALEX.

If you're a person who loves to talk about their business, their dreams, their goals and ideas but needs help placing those random and scattered thoughts to paper (or screen) - I can help! If those ideas are vague and unorganized, don't worry, I can ask it out of you, sort it out and identify your audience and voice your service to them using media tactics and design. You'll be amazed at how great design makes everything so clear and exciting.

Together we will create marketing materials that will feel so fitted to just you because - well - that's just what my service is: a custom fit! I promise, the process will be painless and actually quite exciting for you. Ready for your free consultation? Sign up here!



My Approach

You won't believe how many times I hear people tell me how their last designer just didn't seem to care about their project. That they seemed more like a bother and couldn't wait to just move on to the next great thing. If you want a cookie-cutter, take a number, let's move on, ad firm type designer - I'm not who you're looking for.

I love creating, designing, sketching and telling stories. To do my job the best I can, I want to hear your passion. I will ask you questions, and lots of them, because I need to know everything about what you do and why you do it. I want to know your story so that we can present it to the world clearly and effectively. 

My Background

I've led, coached and trained several ambitious graphic designers in my 10+ year experience. I know the ins and outs from small mom and pop sign shops to the fast pace environments found in the high end national design firms. I've noticed, big or small, one thing remains the same: good art is interpreted but great design is understood. It all ends with your audience. Did they get the correct message? Was it enough to call them to action? In all my projects, this one idea is constant. Think about your audience.

If you need assistance in capturing an audience correctly - I'd love to help! 

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