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No Idea What We're Doing!

I write. I don't blog. Arlo runs his frisbee down. He doesn't bring it back...yet. We both have ideas, intensions and ambition. We both want to make each happy. We love the outdoors, we love to play and quite frankly, we're both pretty socially awkward. And that's okay! Arlo and I know where we are and where we plan to go.

I've found that people blog over just about anything. Many are well organized and thoroughly thought out. I've figured, why not us? We are NOT organized and this adventure will most likely not be well planned but hear us out! It brings us back to this: we both have ideas, and we want to share it all with you. We muddle through life trying to better ourselves socially (Arlo needs work - so do I), skillfully (Bring back that frisbee Arlo and I'll work on my throw!) and inwardly.

Arlo and I love, and I mean LOVE, to bike ride. I ride the bike, he runs beside me. (I wasn't sure if this was obvious or not.) We ride around the neighborhood, up and down the beach and through back wooded trails.

Today, we pushed past our hood, further, longer and out to the small SR16 fishing bridge that runs over the San Sebastian river near US1. We took back roads to avoid traffic and I brought plenty of water for us. I was beat but I could tell Arlo could have kept going, so perhaps, endurance is something I need to work on and he's pretty much got a hold of.

Some points there strenuous with a bike but the end view over the river and marsh were worth it! This is the beginning of many uphill climbs and rewarding results that we plan to capture.

We have no idea what we're doing but we'd love it if you joined our uphill climbs and share your own! If you push beyond what was comfortable, you'll find the end views worth it!

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