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Gemini Engineering and Sciences offers comprehensive stormwater and watershed management services. 

Our engineers and scientists take a holistic approach in developing project-specific management plans.

By incorporating field data with the latest numerical modeling and GIS techniques, our team of experts

acquires a uniquely complete understanding of our projects.

We combine these technical capabilities with our years of experience to be able to offer services associated with stormwater and watershed analysis and master planning, general hydrologic and hydraulic analysis, watershed management, stormwater management, floodplain analysis and mapping, flood reduction studies, surface water quality anaysis, development of best management practices (BMPs), total maximum daily load calculations, weland hydro-period analysis and restoration, quality control reviews, risk and uncertainty analysis, public involvement and outreach, FEMA letters of map change and GIS applications. 

We have knowledge and experience with hydrologic modeling of riverine, lacustrine, and coastal systems.

Our engineers and scientists are intimately familiar with all of the common hydrologic and hydraulic

models, in addition to the fundamental mathematics and physics from which they are based.

Our areas of expertise include surface-water 1D, Surface-water 1D, 2D H&H Modeling, Groundwater Flow and Solute Transport, Integrated Surface-water and Groundwater Modeling, Stream Erosion and Sediment Transport

Bridge Scour Analysis, Wetland Hydro-period Analysis and Restoration, Total Maximum Daily Load (TMDL) Calculations, Coastal Wave Height Analyses, and GIS-based custom analyses.

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