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ISLA'S 2ND BIRTHDAY   //   APRIL   //   2016

Yesterday was a magical late spring afternoon nestled at her Grammy's very own beautiful backyard. Isla is turning 2 this May and we couldn't wait to dive into her birthday pictures!  The camera LOVED Isla and Isla LOVED this tent. The grand finale was Grammy bringing out her balloons!

MARCH   //   2016

Spring is finally here and these sessions could not have gone smoother! The kids loved the bunnies. But then, who on earth doesn't love little fuzz balls with twitchy noses and floppy ears?  I'm so sure this will be back next spring!

Addisyn with little Nutmeg. I think her smile says it all.

All these domesticated & adorable rabbits came from MuggleBorn Farms. And they are all for sale! Just contact Amy and she'll be glad to hook you up with the perfect ball of fluff to call your own!

These sessions were quick 30 minute sessions and all were great! The kids were curious, gentle and handled my bunnies like pros. If you missed it this year, be ready for next Easter.


Many asked how old their kid had to be to participate. I went for it and replied, "All ages are welcome." Babies were able to sit or lay down next to their furry friends while the older kids were more than happy to hold and cuddle them gently. Bunnies are pros at getting kids to smile. So half my job as already done! Cuteness consumed the rest.

Luke wasn't sure at first with his new furry friend but when I offered him a carrot to feed Pistacio, little Luke was all about it!

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